Friday, 29 August 2014

Reflection for Video Prototype

Before working on the first Interactive Prototype, I thought I'll take some time and look back at my Video Prototype.

I believe my Video Prototype was extremely effective at communicating and illustrating my idea. Although simulating and animating the game myself was tedious and took a long time, I think it was worth the effort. By showing the game itself, viewers can see what the game looks like and plays without any verbal explanation. My aim was to accomplish everything visually, and I can say this has worked.

The explanation of the rules were well integrated as a part of the game's animations so viewers could easily understand them. Even the physical input, the yoke, was shown visually to explain how it works with the game. Again, this was integrated as part of the animation.

I also think that the theme of the video contributed to its success. The familiar arcade aesthetic accompanied with the music captured viewers' attention. Additionally, the game trailer style effects made the game concept seem more legitimate and solid according to external feedback.

Overall, I believe the Video Prototype was a success and I am happy with the outcomes and results.

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