Friday, 12 September 2014

Reflection for Interactive Prototype 1

I believe the testing session for my first interactive prototype was very successful.

My implementation so far served me well to test my intended ideas and interactions. This is mainly because the prototype was essentially a near-complete game with only minor elements missing. This had allowed me to test all of my game mechanics and rules very early. I now have a solid idea of what is good and what needs to be tweaked for the next iteration.

My goal for the first interactive prototype was to implement all core game mechanics which would form the foundation of my game. The aim of the testing session was to test this foundation before I had progressed any further into development. Elements such as player movement, alien movement, falling letters, shooting, and guessing the secret word were essential for testing as these form the basis of the game. These elements need to be perfected before moving onto things like physical inputs and other additional features/ideas.

Due to the nature of my game, there weren't any constraints which hindered me to test my ideas. Flash and ActionScript 3 is the perfect platform to work with for testing my core functionality.

Overall, I believe my first interactive prototype was effective for testing my concept. I had executed everything well to ensure I had received the feedback that I wanted.

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