Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Week 8 Exercise - Physical Interactions

For this week's exercise we were required to think of five physical inputs each for Email, Twitter and Super Mario Bros.


  1. Different trash bins represent different folders/contacts. To send an email to a specific contact, toss some paper into the right bin.
  2. You hold an address book and slide contacts to your email on the screen to choose the recipients.
  3. Use a guitar for typing your email.
  4. Flush to clear your trash folder and junk mail - an external 'toilet flush handle' device connected via USB.
  5. To mark an email as read, stare the screen for a certain amount of time. To mark an email as unread, look away from the screen.


  1. To hashtag something, perform the 'hashtag gesture' (Jimmy Fallon style) - this will require a wearable glove-like device
  2. To tag other people, whistle then touch them.
  3. To retweet something, open it then whistle twice.
  4. To follow people, drag them onto your queue - each person is represented by their avatar.
  5. To upload a picture, give it to the bird and pull the sling (similar to Super Angry Birds)

 Super Mario Bros

  1. Use a treadmill, or better, an elliptical trainer to walk forwards and backwards.
  2. Use a pressure plate to detect jumps.
  3. Ride a skateboard to control Mario, roll back and forth to run in either direction and perform an ollie to jump.
  4. Punch to shoot fireballs - use a speedbag or punching bag to detect the punch.
  5. Physically squat 100kg to crouch in the game.

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