Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Week 8 - Progress (Minor Game Adjustments and Yoke Idea)

Just a small update

For Interactive Prototype 2, I have made a few minor adjustments to my game and have started looking into how I could build my physical yoke.

Some adjustments to the game include decreasing the frequency of letters spawning. A noticeable change is that now the letters have bubbles around them. This was a great suggestion from one of my testers. The coloured ellipse adds some extra surface area to the letters to make them easier to shoot since they have a visible hitbox now.

Letters are surrounded with an ellipse/bubble

For my yoke, I am thinking of building it out of LEGO. There'll be two components - the base and the actual handle. The handle will be attached to the base and will pivot left and right. The base will detect the handle rotations when the bottom of the handle makes contact with the base. The handle will have two buttons - one to shoot and one to start a new game.

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