Friday, 3 October 2014

Interactive Prototype 2 - Yoke Development

It's been quiet on the blog for the past two weeks because I've been preoccupied with other coursework. Nonetheless, I have commenced development of my physical input, the 'yoke', for my game.

To recap, the yoke resembles the controls of an aeroplane, shape-wise but not entirely functionality-wise. It will feature two buttons: one to shoot and the other to start a new game. The rotation will simply move the player on the screen.

The entire yoke device will be comprised of two components: the handle and the base/stand. The handle will be attached to the base. The base is very important since it will detect the rotation. However, the detection won't actually be proper rotational detection. Instead, I intend to take a shortcut and just detect the contact of the underside of each end of the handle with the base.

My progress so far includes most of the yoke handle completed as well as the integration of the new game button which is situated in the centre.

Most of the yoke handle is completed including the centre-button to start a new game
Although it is made out of LEGO and may look flimsy in the photograph, it does in fact have very good structural integrity. The two wires you can see come from the centre button. They will be connected to ground and some key on the MakeyMakey.

The centre button is actually an old doorbell button. For shooting, I will use another push button I had found. The thickness of the black casing is just perfect to hold so I will have to somehow integrate this as a part of the yoke handle. Most likely, the whole unit will replace the left vertical block of the handle (see picture above).

These two buttons were found in the deepest reaches of my garage among the rest of the useful mess in there
I will try to keep my design elegant and not have a mess of wires everywhere. The two wires for the centre button will actually be run through the inside of the handle and out of the back. I will also do the same for the shooting button.

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