Saturday, 11 October 2014

Reflection for Interactive Prototype 2

This week's testing session for Interactive Prototype 2 was mostly successful. I say mostly successful because not everything went smoothly.

I had received sufficient feedback which I am very happy for, though there were a few issues with the yoke. The problem was, since the yoke is made out of LEGO, it didn't hold up too well throughout the entire testing session. But, during the first playthrough it was fine since the user handled it very well. After a few playthroughs, the handle would sometimes become detached from the base or small pieces would come off. In one event, the left side of the handle which supports the shooting button broke. Additionally, for one person, the left rotation couldn't be detected. This was fixed by re-taping the foil on the underside of the yoke handle. Luckily, these problems were easy to fix and testing could resume again.

Even with the yoke problems, I was still able to fully test it. For the next prototype, I will be redesigning my yoke slightly so its much stronger, durable and addresses the issues discovered in the testing session.

Despite the problems with the yoke, everything else went smoothly. I had received a lot of great feedback which I will definitely consider for the next prototype.

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